Categories and Articles

Categories - Articles

Joomla! can catergorize your data and display it in many ways.

You can create categories and sub-categories then assign articles to those categories.
If you only have a few pages, you may wish to leave them uncategorised, or just create one section with a few categories.

An example is a newspaper with sections for News, Arts, Sports and Business.
Sports may have categories such as Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey.
Arts may have categories for Music, Theatre, Dance and Movies.

Each category may have several articles attached to it.

Category 1 -> Category A -> Article 1
    -> Article 2
  -> Category B -> Article 3
    -> Article 4
Category 2 -> Category C -> Article 5
    -> Article 6
  -> Category D -> Article 7
    -> Article 8


Most things in Joomla!, including articles, categories and menus, may be published or unpublished. Unpublished things will not display in the public front end, nor will they be found with searches.
Articles can also have dates to start publishing and stop publishing.


Articles can also be Archived. They appear on the site only from a menu item with the type Archive.

Front Page

Articles can also be set as Featured. Joomla! has a special way to handle multiple articles on the front page.

Displaying Content

Joomla! components may have multiple Views to display the content. These are seen when creating a menu item or editing a menu's type. The Content component can display articles in the following ways:

- Archive
- Article: as a single article or form for article submission
- Category: in a blog layout or list layout
- Categories: a description of one category with its sub-categories
- Featured: a blog layout for featured articles usually designated to appear on the Home Page